Tanya Vogelzang (° NL, 1970)

The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague (1998)

The work of Tanya Vogelzang is a combination of photography, installation and sculpture.

After the scale models, always made of paper, are built and photographed, they evolve digitally for further construction and colouring.

The result is reminiscent of staged photography. Time seems to stand still. This gives these artworks an aura of past time and timelessness.

It is a silent art. The presence of people is only tangible, but the traces are there. Without people, only a decor remains. Depicted in studios, sets, halls, rooms, constructions ....

The artworks often show reflective or translucent layers, dividing, merging and transforming reality. Boundaries between realism and surrealism blur.

It is a world at scale. It gives a compact and therefore powerful representation as it omits unnecessary details. To get to the core of meaning.

At the same time, it is the detail in the works that keep inviting you in.

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"When precision is active the minimal becomes huge, and the excessive is weighed out"